Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Freedom! Forever!

Your hope is fading faster than mine tonight
So let me take your burden for a while
I am here for you, broken in every way
In the company of Christ, blessed Savior

Let me hold you
Let me pray for you
We are wounded, wounded healers

I will open up my heart and the weakness hiding there
And the kindness of the Lord we will share

-Wounded Healers, Glassbyrd

Hey kids, thought it was time for an update, since it has been a while. Um, I'll start where my last post left off with the SAT. I have since received my scores and did fairly well, like at least get into UNC-CH scores, but am taking it again April 1 (no joke) to try and do a little better as I'd like to go to UVA and higher scores would be preferable.
Also since my last post I have started both playing on my own soccer team and coaching a 10-11 year-olds team. Yes, my spring schedule is a wee bit packed, but if anyone ever wants to see some semi-bad soccer playing, feel free to come watch either team. If you'd like an update on 1v.1 basketball tournaments at school, I have won my first bracket slot and will advance on to the next round to be played sometime next week. I don't plan on making it farther than that though, as I am scheduled to go up against the girl's coach. Don't ask me how that worked out.

Oh, I've tasted a little piece of heaven these last few days. 80 degrees and breezy is where I'd like to stay for the rest of my life. Or 65 with windows open, fan on, and cool blue cotton sheets is where I'd like to sleep for the rest of my life. It has been a good past couple of days. This weather just makes you feel more whole, cleaner, like anything and everything could blow right through you. I love summer for its freedom, but I just love spring.
Speaking of spring...it's official, Rach A. and I are going to Florida for Spring break! She and I will fly down to Tampa, April 17 and stay with her sister for about a week. I'm so excited...I love the beach and I love flying...both in one trip are almost more than I can handle!..but i'll try.

I want to stand on a mountain top for all eternity.