Monday, September 26, 2005

Mae in is still september

It's been pretty warm around here recently. But it's just me, everywhere I go, I'm just so hot (please no cute, funny or derogatory side comments) I think I'm sick, sore throat and headache, just general not-well feeling. I think I have a fever.
Did you guys know that a curmudgeon is a dirty, crusty old man? My thanks to co-worker, Beth for introducing me to that word. And Mr. Bryan is using on the vocab test Friday. *Ding* Did he say extra credit?..:) ok, I know it sounds like I'm just rattling but I really do have something on my mind. But, at the risk of offending various people, I'll keep it to myself.....or at least not publish it for access through the world wide web.....
I will see the cool kids at the Fall Retreat, friday...
Ask me about "the play" sometime.
Go drink blackberry-flavored iced tea at Pageant Station on Main and the corner of Franklin. It will make your taste buds happy!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

"It's not magic, it's just shiny"

Saw The Brothers Grimm on Saturday and I did so very much like it. I was a little jumpy watching it but I think I'm prone to be like that at the least amount of "suspense". Great movie, great movie.
hey, if anyone wants to join us, some people are gonna go see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on The Lawn at the Lumina, friday night....another odd but good movie.... b-day's two weeks from today! Yay! and I want a castle in Ireland and a pretty brown pony and your mom...:)
Cheers* Have a good week...!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Stargazing and swing dancing....

Hey kids, look outside. It's amazing. I think I should no longer be allowed to drive home from work on nights like these. I found myself looking up at the sky more than I was looking at the road. When I got home I just sat in my car and the sky was so clear and the air was just a wee bit cold, like, just telling you that it's September. I watched this plane climb across my piece of sky, with it's little flashing lights and I suddenly felt very, very small. But in a good way, like a "Holy cow! The earth is big and God's even bigger and I'm a lot smaller" kinda way.......
uh huh...He's bigger than my homework to, which must be done....
oh, kids, swing, fun, so much fun. Joanna, I'm sure will do a much better job of describing the details, so I'll leave it at that. We do need more leaders in more guys, come swing dance...:)