Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Concert anyone?

Ok, looks like I have an extra ticket to the Lovedrug concert tonight.....thanks bunches, Jo. Anyone interested?
Oh, by the way, work last night was so much fun. I love it, love it,love it! Yay!

Sunday, June 26, 2005

I thought about blogging and now I have.......

Yes, the beach and back again. So much has happened in the past week... New job, trip to my favorite place in the whole world, and my bestest, bestest buddy came home from a far away land...:) Most sorely missed.
I guess I shall relay bits and pieces of my trip, for your enjoyment.
We begin on Wednesday evening. Jonathan and I both had had to work that day so we were to drive up separate that night after the family had left the same morning. All begins well, I'm driving, and Jonathan's directing. We arrive in Burlington, stop to buy cherries, and then continue on our way. We are enjoying a fairly pleasant conversation about him and his friend, Kim, who is a girl. And is his friend.....yes, his friend that's a girl....*wink* *wink*.... Anyways, she lives up towards Charlotte and he has taken many a trip to see her during the summer when they are apart. At this point, we have been driving for well over an hour, when suddenly, Jonathan realizes that he had quite inadvertently been driving west on I-40 (towards Charlotte) and away from the beach. Seems the boy got a little absent-mindedly confused at exactly what our destination was. So I ask "So, have we even started this trip yet?" And I quote "No, Catherine. We have not only gone nowhere, we have gone negative-nowhere."
Needless to say, we did not arrive at the beach house until about 1 that morning where we watched some 007 before going to bed.
The following days were fun, of course. Got a little browner and a little saltier. Went walking on the beach every night except for last night. We were watching a movie with dinner and when it ended at about 11 we decided to go head on down for our last walk. So we grabbed the flashlights and I got about two feet from the boardwalk onto the beach when a foot-long ghost crab decided to cross my foot. I was not a happy camper. In fact, I don't think I've ever been unhappier in my life. After that I just stood on the boardwalk having decided it was close enough to the ocean and it's wildlife for me.
I don't know what it is, but there is something so terrifyingly vast about the ocean that just makes you feel a wee bit closer to God. Oh, and there is nothing like seeing lighthouse beams cut through a humid, foggy night.
It's good to be back though, I missed you guys. But not as much as I missed my Jo for the past three weeks. Pow-wow time.
It's been real. Really real...:)
Ehh, Lovedrug on Wednesday. You kids should come.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Tidings of Joy

God is so gracious. I'm sorry, kids, I should be getting ready to leave but I just got a phone call and I'm so happy I had to share it with I will share it with the World Wide Web......
I got a job! I different one, a non hateful one, a non-organic kitty litter one! I'm gonna be a barista at La Vita Dolce in Southern Village. Training next Tuesday evening......holy cow, time to turn in my two weeks notice at Lowes Foods!!! Oh what a happy day, happy, happy day! You kids will have to come visit me.....ok, must pull myself away, 3 and a half hour drive ahead of me. See you kids sometime next week......

oh, God is so good..........

Monday, June 20, 2005


"Women's Group" at my church, tomorrow night, we are going to....the rodeo. I kid you not. I'm gonna wear my cowboy hat and I'll take pictures. This should be quite the experience. Oh, yeah, and guess what! I just found out, like yesterday....well, no, today...that we rented a house on Bald Head Island and will be spending Thursday through Sunday there. Heck, I get off of work and everything!I shall keep everyone pictorially up-to-date on my flickr account. I'm so psyched! I can upload photos without fear!
Go look, new pics....

Sunday, June 19, 2005

The Aftermath '05

War Cry second...come,gone,lives in our memories. It was very different this year but I really liked the approach that was taken. It wasn't the emotional hype that I remember it being last year, but more of time of JOY. I don't think I can remember a time that I found that much joy and contentment and peace from worship. I guess what kind of tends to happen to us is that during worship we always expect to get something out of it. Not in a bad way, just bear with me here. I know I've always gone expecting some revelation of healing or calming or braking but I don't know if I've ever gone into worship desiring only to glorify and praise. Craziness when that actually happened. It gives you a whole new perspective on life...but that’s a different story for a different time.
However, here is a story, for now, for your varied entertainment. I shall title it... Getting home after War Cry '05.
So here's the original plan: After War Cry, my sis and I ride with the Armstrong’s to the church where we are to meet Ben who will kindly take us the rest of the way home. We must first stop at another persons house and trade cars at the Armstrong’s and he must first stop at Fuller's to get the car checked out. All goes well until Rach drops us off at the church around 5:15 and no one is there. My mom expected us home at 4:30 to help with house work for the 100+ people showing up at our house at 6 for a wedding reception. That's the first problem. The second problem is that the cell phone is dead, the church is locked, and Rach has to eat dinner and be at work in fifteen minutes. So we dump our stuff on the sidewalk and Rachel plans to call my mom and Ben as soon as she gets to Sips just to keep everyone up to date on what’s going on. Rach leaves and Carolyn and I are left sitting in the shade in front of the church doors contemplating our certain demise when we arrive home after reception stuff has started. 5 min pass, 10 min pass, 15 min pass, 20 min pass.....we talk and watch cars go by wondering how much my mum is flipping out at the time. So we have basically no plan of action, no way to call anyone and not quite sure where anyone is when this police car pulls in the circle around the church. We sit at the door and I kinda stare at it for awhile, partly because I'm not really willing to except what’s happening and partly because I've seen way too many COPS shows and am not quite sure how to approach the cop without endangering myself...:) Anyways, the guy is really nice, shorts were way too short, but it's all good. He explains that he must do his civic duty and make sure we wind up where we are supposed to. He offers me the phone to call home and I do so. The line is busy. I try some other numbers and can't get anyone. Meanwhile the cop calls "Base 3", asks what church we are sitting at, and tells then explains what’s going on into his walkie-talkie thing. I'm feeling just a wee bit awkward and weirded out. And the line is still I stand there and look at the guy for awhile and then he asks if he needs to take us home. Yeah right. This is the picture running through my head. It is after six, people are already at our house and the last thing my mom needs is to a)not know where we have been for the past two hours and then b)have us pull up in a police car with a hundred people standing in the yard...... I dialed home again and she answered. And flipped out. She didn't quite understand the whole part about the police man showing up by himself and so she flipped out more. I still can't quite believe this is all happening. Anyways, we get home fine by way of one of our friends who were headed to the house. Thanks again anyways, Ben, I understand you needed to get your car looked at and stuff. Everything's cool now, so I guess it's all good just a little weird.
And my house was weird. I leave for 5 days and suddenly we have window trim, stuff is painted, the bathroom door actually shuts and latches properly, and a stone walkway got put in. And the house is clean! Kinda cool.
Anyways, for those of you who have actually made it this far reading this post, I appreciate it and am almost done.
I finally put pictures on my flickr account (well, I'm working on it, they're uploading) so go check them out. I'm just not sure how to tell you how to go check them out but I know you guys are smart and can figure it out. The pics are the contents of a time capsule I buried in 1997. I was a wee nine years of age and it was a project for a writing class I was taking with Discovery at the Bible Church. The deal was that we were supposed to dig it up in 2000. I remember every Christmas after that I had to check over and over again exactly what year we were headed into because I could not wait to dig that thing up again. As the gods of irony would have it, January 1 2000 comes around and I bundle up and head outside with my shovel and high expectations. I never found it that year.....Nor the years after...(You can now pause to wipe away that tear).... I now know I was digging about 6 inches too far to the left, My mom was so angry with the way we tore up the yard...:) My sister just found it this afternoon. When she told me, she said my reaction looked like a little kid's....haha, that's awesome. Basically everything has to do with the fact that we were building our house at the time and I was really into making puzzles and the rope swing my Dad had just made us.....:)I'm getting just a little bit nostalgic; I think I need to stop.
Oh yeah, pic of red door, brick steps... good times.
Peace out.
Oh, kids, Over The Rhine is some good music....

Friday, June 10, 2005

A little house work....

Image hosted by

Our porch has no front steps. As one can tell from the above photo,

they are being bricked. It is actually quite fun, climbing up and down

the porch post in order to gain access to our front door. Speaking of

front door, it is now painted red! I discovered it this morning and

have since grown very fond of the color in contrast to the rest of the

house. I shall take a picture to show the world as soon as the steps

are done and the door given a second coat.

I know, short post, but not much has been happening...... War Cry

dance, finding a new job, community service hours at school,

work......matching shorts with Rach :) summer is off to a slow

start, and that probably won't change much.

time for work......

Friday, June 03, 2005

Oh sweet, sweet sorrow......

So, kids, it's official. School is over. Half of my high school career is finished, which is sad because I have another half in front of me. 10th grade, sophomore doors were closed behind me as I finished the essay on my last exam. English, in fact, it was. All essay. 800 words. I had no paper on which to write my essay so I used some that I found in the trash. That's not as ghetto as it might sound at first. But, go ahead, laugh for a moment in the space between that statement and my explanation.*********************** (*= space)
Ok, what actually happened was that Scott threw away his English book (that we needed for the exam) along with his notebooks when we cleaned out our lockers. So he's in the hall about 5 min. after the test was supposed to start, rifling through the trash cans, and I was wondering around in the hall looking for paper when our paths crossed. He implored me for help and I presented my lack-of-paper dilemma. Eventually, after getting past the 4-month-old lunch tupperware, graded lab reports and various other sundry items, we find his notebook, with precious book and precious unused paper inside. Both problems solved, and I hardly had to get my hands dirty....well...hardly......
So test done and we receive the joyous news that "Field Day" has been cancelled for the High School due to inclement weather! Oh, but wait, there was a twinge of pain at all the people I would never see again. For them, this was indeed their last day at Woods Charter School (I have at least 360 more) namely Joanna Joy Cutrara.... will never fill that seat next to me in English class and scrawl "notes" with me in NiaS or All quiet.... or a scrap piece of paper....or my arm, for that matter. Never again will she smear water on a blue-penned masterpiece while pow-wowing (much to the annoyance of others) about train wrecks and trees, yelling and other....stuff.....never again will we be separated in science class so we may only stare across the room to mouth things at each other at the risk of sure wrath. No more will I wait for her at her locker as she places and replaces and moves and situates books in her book bag from her locker... No more will we leave each other at 3:06 (shortly after the impending call from her mother) to go home and find our "happy places" without each other......;)
Babydoll, I hope you read this before you leave the country and go into exile (I bought you a phone card, so you better use it!) I'm not sure how I'm going to make it through the days next year.... people are so boring.... well, maybe Barret will keep it interesting.....anyways....yeah, all of this is to owe me $14 which I will need to pay me car insurance, before you leave.
Oh, quick story....I love the kids I baby-sit on Thursday nights over at the Bible Church..... They have so much character......last night they had me read the story of Moses so we all got situated, with our snack and listening caps on and all that good stuff. So I start reading "ok, this is the story of Baby Moses...." when one of the 5 year-olds shrieks in delight. "That's my favorite part! Read it again!" ....."OK....Baby Moses-" "Again!!!".... "Baby Moses-?" "Again!!!"
Needless to say, this continued for about five minutes until they lost interest in reading altogether so we never got very far......Then we decided to act like animals and every kid started roaring and making various noises so I ask
"Elise, what are you?"
"I'm a tiger"
"Emma-Grace, what are you?"
"I'm a lion"
"William, what are you?"
"I'm a bear"
"Excuse me, Catherine?"
"Yes? What are you, Gillian?"
"I am a princess"
Wow, I don't know....maybe you just had to be there.
We even do the "Late Show" and they ask for it every week, by name.....

ok, well, gots to go.... My brother gonna take my sisters and I out for some dinner and bowling so that should be fun.....
See you kids later,