Saturday, May 28, 2005


Nikki's our new big/little sister!!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Baby Pics and............ Alyssa

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Ok, lookin through the family albums and found this classic example

of how I spent most of my early years...... That's my tongue in my mouth, by the way,

and check out those eyebrows........

And thanks to all of you who think I look like a boy........

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I was cool even from an early age..............

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This is the ONLY baby pic of me in which my mouth is not open......

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Yep.... Alyssa is cool.........

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

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There it is! The beautiful cow heart we dissected in biology today. I'm

terribly sorry to those squemish in stomach when it comes to this kind

of thing........but that, my friend, is flipping cool! This is only the

top view, aorta, autrioles and such, I wish I had a better picture but

I just don't have time to upload it.........

More to come later, kids.... I gots to go.......

Whale Spout!!!!!!

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This is a before and after pic of my puppy dog. Before and after

haircut, that is.........

I'll have more about the heart we dissected today as soon as the pics

upload........maybe tonight

maybe tomorrow........

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Mmm, strawberries and cream for breakfast......

Ok, kids…. I know it’s been awhile but this week has been kinda busy. Let’s see, Monday was our AP exam and it went better than I thought it would. Easier than all our practice exams so maybe I’m feeling pretty good about how I did….. Only July will tell…… Tuesday was normal except at work where some guy in his 20’s or so wound up coming through my line 3 times in the space of ten minutes and during the last time gave me his business card and told me to call him……geez, yeah right…….the actual story is pretty funny, in fact, ask me sometime if you want to hear…….rest of the week…. Blah, blah, blah…… and Friday I had five inches cut off my hair…. It started out as just getting it trimmed and then it turned into maybe a couple more inches and a couple more inches…..AHHHH that’s almost half a foot!!!! It feels really short but my family swears it doesn’t look very short…….mmmm……..I’d stick a picture up here but I just don’t ever look right in pictures.
I’m like obsessed with taking people’s blood pressure…. This lady came and talked to us on Wednesday during AP class and taught us how and Ms. Bartone let me take the sphygmomanometer home and it’s awesome…….so, if anyone’s unsure of theirs and they’d like to know what their blood pressure is, I’d be happy to help you out.
This weekend my bro came home and brought all of his crap with him, of course. There were carloads of stuff in the foyer, landing, on the porch, in the car, more in the dorm……. I didn’t know a)he had that much stuff and b) how it all fit in his dorm room in the first place…. With a roommate no less………..
So Saturday we have all these people coming over for my mom’s graduation and she’s flipping out and it’s not good…… I went to bed on Friday night sometime in the wee hours of the morning and was then promptly ripped out of bed at 6:30 that same morning to “finish house cleaning”…… the day progressed worse as time became crunched and the blankets in my window seat still weren’t folded! Oh dear….. the actual graduation went alright. It was in Carmichael Gym near the soccer fields and it was a bit warm inside and long….. but it was all good…….and we saw this lady with the tallest hair I’ve ever seen so I took a picture of it but made it look like I was just taking a picture of Jonathan…..I’m so awesome……I came to the conclusion that if you’re a guy, nursing would be the best field to go into because out of the 200-some people that graduated from Nursing school yesterday, only 5 of them were male. That is a killer ratio!
We had dinner at our house and the Wolfes came over so all the non-adult people watched Napoleon Dynamite upstairs in my sisters room and Emily and I were laying on the trundle bed and I fell asleep… was a long exhausting weekend, happy for my mum but glad it’s over…. Oh yes, and now I have a recital this afternoon and my bro’s not playing with me cause he’s leaving for Rockbridge early and all this good stuff…..*sigh* I want to go to camp……
Well, looking forward to our last real week at school this coming week. After that, the schedule’s weird and exams and……….stuff.
Wish me luck this afternoon!

Sunday, May 08, 2005

The problem with the problem page.........

Ahh, ahh, ahh.... this weekend.....
good, bad, stressful ...
My buddy Jules is staying with me for the weekend while her parents are in England....she is presently walking around eating pretzel sticks..blahh...I hate pretzels! Except Katie's Pretzels... those are so good.....
Bekah and Donald are married.... Yay! Friday night was fun, good times....
Saturday morning I watched 3-5 year olds playing soccer.... They were so cute....mmm...I guess the rest of this weekend was spent "studying" for tomorrow morning's exam, listening to Third Eye Blind and going to my little sisters play..... it was pretty funny at times.. I picked up on some lines that could be used at opportune moments in the future...:)
Church tonight was interesting... I played in a wittle bit of the service and it was not very awesome... i wasn't nervous but it was a mess anyways... in my own opinion.
Guess what kids! Next weekend is going to be a very crazy one for me. My mother is graduating from two years of nursing school on Saturday which means I will yet again miss youth group. I will also be kicked out of my room for a night or two and clean house until.... well... until the house is clean... and deal with many, many people in our little home for the weekend.....I'm really not looking forward to it, but maybe things won't be as bad as I think they could be.... I then have a piano recital on Sunday (maybe everyone will have gone home by then....) at which my bro has decided to accompany me with his beautimus violin playing skills ("girls only like guys with great skills").... that should be very interesting....
Well, dog's about to die so I need to take him out and then cram in some last minute studying..... If any of you guys think about it tomorrow, I'm sure Jo, Rachel O and I would appreciate your prayers concerning our biology exam tomorrow....
peace out

Tuesday, May 03, 2005


I want you to know that you know that you know
They say disappointment
takes self-control
like songs scrawled on napkins
stuffed in bedroom drawers
I want my words
to say so much more
I want my shoes tied tighter
so I can walk farther
I want the sun that prickles my skin
to be the water I can't feel
sliding down my swollen throat
Good tears
We all need them from time to time
I hope my life has a receipt
cause I need to return it

Yay... a poem... par moi. I actually started that in history class while Mr. Temple was talking about smoking or something... I don't know, I think it had to do with Plymouth colony....
Today was boring... my Jo had an AP test so I only saw her for like ten minutes total at school. When I got in my car, however, to go home, I made a horrible discovery.... My car smells really bad... I don't know, it's like you take the family van... been through four kids and many a road trip.... leave all the dropped fries and dirt from shoes... add some sun and heat and time.... and.. well.... it smells kinda bad.... Gonna have to take care of this.... like Febreze time or something.....
*DING* I have a recital on the 16th so I think I'll go practice cause we all know I need it.....
*cough* (thanks Jo, for the expression) my throat hurts... I sound a wee bit odd today......
See you kids later....