Saturday, April 30, 2005

A Haiku

His name was Quincy
A Bostonian Asian kid
He had a rat tail

oh, and I didn't even have to contemplate life to the surface of a pond to come up with that one.
I am awesome!

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

"Just to see you.. I'd give you anything, I'd give you anything, I'd give you anything"

Mmm…. I’m listening to Brand New and it is brand new to me and it is pretty…. Ahhh…. censorship music……
Hey, I have a quote for today… which is a never and this is a first for me!
“That is straight-up hood. You know you’re white when you put a spoiler on a shopping cart”
-Jorge Gamboa 4/26/05
Oh my…. My life is crazy……
So I started making a list of things I like and things I dislike and it’s actually pretty amusing at points when I go back and read it……BEHOLD!!! An excerpt……

Wet paper towels ~ Damp hair ~ Chewing on things ~ Warm, rainy days ~ Sleeping late in the dark~ Light cotton sheets~ summer nights~ third eye blind~ open windows~ comforters~ The smell of Bounce dryer sheets and ground coffee in paper bags~ Friday afternoons~ Cherries~ Cucumbers~ Empty houses~ sandwiches~ animal crackers~ writing with mechanical pencils……

My pen running out~ Organic kitty litter and flax seed cereal~ chickens~ ducks~ geese~ ostriches~ hamsters~ Gerbils~ Guinea pigs~ Lasagna~ Play dough~ Ham~ Very Chocolate Ice Cream~ The color yellow~ canvas bags~ Psycho people~ Rocky Horror Picture Show~ potato chips~ getting my hair wet~ things that prick you~ very small dogs~ ladybugs~ Centipedes~ school~ zucchini~ animal cookies~ blue pens…….

That’s just a bit kids…. I’ll keep you up to date…..
Holy Cow! I think I’m late for work…… work, I forgot to add that to my dislikes……
Peace out…….

Monday, April 25, 2005

*a tear of Joy*

Ok, I guess I feel thus inclined to post after it was practically promised on my dear Jo’s blog……
Hmm…. Six period… wow, things like this are the only reason I survive this school….
So we had our dear friend Ben Phillip’s, with short, red, sought-after hair, complete biology notes from his class that was AP. The first thing I noticed was the abstract doodles of swords and circle weaving things and “help me, I’m losing consciousness” scrawled on the side of said notes. However when flipping through, in depth, much to our delight…. We discover raps about chromosomes and the cell cycle and mitosis and meiosis….. So indeed….. Nikki breaks it down (dancing that is) and Jo raps the whole thing, complete with black, ghetto hand motions……go figure……..:)

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Its been a long time coming........

Oh there are so many connotations to that title......
However, you, my children shall only hear of one: The skillful way that Joanna and I silently carry on conversations in English class.
So, kids, we're reading this book: All Quiet on the Western Front (ewww, that reminds me, I have an IRP to be working on......) anyways, lucky for us, my father purchased me a copy so I didn't have to use the school's copies. This means it's mine, I can do whatever I want with it and write whatever I want in it......excellent. So, the awesome idea, which was mine, was for Jo and I to write back and forth in said book during "class discussion and reading" time. It’s absolutely brilliant! Which ever way it is, reading the notes we’ve written or writing new ones, it always looks like we’re either making notes of what dear Mr. Bryan is discussing in the text or following along with him when he’s reading. I would post some excerpts but I think they’re all a little too sketch…I did say I’d blog about it so there it is……
Interesting day, don’t have many feelings. I went home at lunch because I wasn’t feeling very well but it’s ok now, I’ll live.
Peace out

Monday, April 11, 2005

<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>That looks like a police line.....

I'm ADD......

Nothing to do
nowhere to go
no one to turn to
you can't make it ok
i have no thoughts
but I'm still distracted

it's ok kids, I'm alright..... just chillin.... I tend to be a bit of a drama queen... it helps me cope....
I love my Joanna Joy, she's knows it. She better know it..... don't forget WarCry stuff, please....
thank you....
hmmm, i found some pretty blue flowers on my windshield today....:)

Sunday, April 10, 2005

And I've joined the ranks of the oppressed.......

ok, so today was a beautiful, lovely spring Sunday.... it was off to a good start. Spent the night at Rach's, went to church, scratched on a styrofoam cup and had lunch at the Loop. Oh what an interesting thought process I was something like...oh look, everyone is heading to Duke Gardens. I'm supposed to be home in 15 minutes and it takes me 25 from where I am. What the heck, the parents aren't home and as long as i get my sisters to church tonight on time, we're all good. I'll just go ahead and call to give them the low down so no one will be worried and everything will be all good. Just to be safe, I'll be home by 4:30 leaving me plenty of time.
Wow, yeah, at 4:30 I was still standing in said gardens (45 min from my dear home) contemplating death by geese and walking off the face of the western world......I then piddled around some more in the parking lot and it was just overall a situation I knew could not end well..... I got home at 5:30.... My daddy was there.....It was a very long, quiet ride to church....which by the way, I forgot starts at 5:30 and not 6... That was also an interesting service...good sermon...didn't sway my parents......
So kids, I'm not sure how long I'll be grounded because "I have to discuss it with your father" at the least, I'm just grounded from coffee with Heather on the most, I'm grounded for a week, including youth group........I would like to restate that I do realise this was a dumb, stupid, irresponsible decision on my part......:(
Apple Chill? Am I grounded through that? Anyone planning on going?

well, besides that, it was a good weekend.....

Saturday, April 09, 2005

$6 or more

JO, you owe me money!!!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


*GASP* It's been almost a week since last i posted!! This will be short because i'm in art and am supposed to be looking up watercolor paintings but who needs those anyways? my watercolors always look more than slightly retarded most of the time... So who is NCAA CHAMPION???? Yes children, thats right! I spent a bit of time on franklin street last night after the game and am almost (almost) convinced to actually apply to UNC when the time comes. My throat's a bit sore, but i did enjoy hanging out of the window of the car and hollering with people on the road at 1am. i actually got a couple police men to answer me back! anyways......oh, yeah, haha, this is kinda interesting...... i recieved two marriage proposals at work last night.... ask me about it sometime if you really want to know.......:)
bell rang..... i must depart.......
i'm in a good mood....... leave some lovin'!