Thursday, March 31, 2005

Its a Monk and Dominos night......

Hmmm, spring break means Monk, disc 4 season 3, and Dominos pizza..... Yesterday was nice and warm and nice. Lunch with the children, a walk on the quad and through the arboretum (oy, we "knot-nowed" on the grass there, turned a few heads) had some good talks, movie with Rach and Sips for poker night. It was a full day and when I got home and was walking up to the door, it was slightly damp, like it was gonna rain and perfectly warm and it smelled just exactly like summertime! Ahhh, that’s the problem with Spring Break, it's like a little taste of summer with two months of school left. Taunting, tantalizing and taunting.... wow, how 'bout those adjectives.....
I wrote a biology essay this morning, halfway done with History and French.....yes, come Sunday night homework, it shouldn't be too, too bad....
Pay day is tomorrow!! And it is desperately needed... it just doubles the fun.... every Friday being payday!!! Yay!
I think I’ll go make a collage or read Parenting magazines or something…..: )
Ok, see you guys tomorrow

Sunday, March 27, 2005

"It's a long way from my thoughts to what I'll say"

"In the Italian countryside, cheese makers are like rock stars...."
Yeah I saw a commercial with that phrase in it.... I thought it was kinda funny......
So I've meant to blog for days but something always comes up at just the opportune moment.... Wow, it has been awhile...... where should I begin?
So I'm on Spring Break which is sweet....uhh, lets see... went to Southpoint on Friday and saw Hitch with a friend of mine. It was pretty funny, and well worth it. Saturday was depressing, work and then looking for clothes.....sometimes I hate shopping. I did decide to look in Time After Time as suggested by both Jo and Ray and was pleasantly surprised. I like it. A lot. Sunday was Easter and was off to a bad start. My mom always gets a wee bit too stressed out when there are a bunch of people coming over that she must cook for. I guess there were about 20 people here including 7-8 of my bro's college buddies....... o wow. I wound up sitting at the table with them to enjoy my Easter dinner and was in for quite a shock. Let me say, I thought that as soon as I got out of high school, humor, maturity level and dinner table conversation topics would change. As in get better. No, it doesn't get better, in fact, it doesn't change except they use bigger words. Yes, conversation ranged from child birth, the Little Mermaid, the scariest Disney villain, to the best Disney Love song(complete with solo performances on three separate occasions)how one of the guys could make himself look more like a lion, an argument about getting a degree in growing hair and a political discussion of the dynamics of Machiavelli. I felt more and less smart, at the same time, by the end of that discussion......Wow, after church that evening we went home and my mom was studying and told us to find something quiet to do. So, since we had no school the next day, we put in Napoleon Dynamite and forced my dad to watch it with us. He thought it was dumb but enjoyed it anyways. He said some movies are made with the point being pointlessness but this movie was pointless and that wasn't the point. Don't ask, I think I understood.
Ahhh, this morning I didn't get up until 12:30, not like I lay in bed and didn't get out until 12:30, but like I didn't wake up until then. I don't think I realized how truly drained I've been over the past few weeks. And I'm already tired and I haven't even been awake for a full 9 hours.
OK, time for me to stop wasting time..... You kids make sure you're drinking fly water and staying cool.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The French have no word for driveway? They must not be drinking "fly water"...

Where do French people park their cars at home if they have no driveways? And what do they walk to their houses with without sidewalks? This lack of vocabulary will, I’m afraid, keep me from finishing my homework… What a shame…..
So the only thing exciting that happened in school today, concerning me, you can read about on Jo’s blog. Feel free to comment here though. I’m not really that violent…..most of the time……
Work today was pretty slow and boring but slightly amusing. Had these two black guys, younger 20’s, come through my line towards the end of the evening. They were buying beer, so I asked to see some ID. “Uh, I left it at home….but I’m old enough… just let me have it, ok?” “Sorry, I can’t sell you this unless you show me some ID” So the other guy pipes up “Are you drinking age?” “No, I’m not” Huh… so the guy miracuasly produces his drivers license. Its valid so I’m finishing up the transaction when one of them asked “So exactly how old are you?” Why do you care? “I’m not drinking age” “17-18?” “Almost” The other guys looks at me, jaw drops, “What, only 16? Girl, whatcha been doing to get so fly? Musta been drinking some fly water or something” Oh, its late, I smile and thank them… always happens at least once in a night…. Always has to be some kid who has nothing better to do on a weeknight than to go buy beer and hit on the 11 years-younger-than-you cashier girl…….this is my lot in life.
Who drinks “fly water”?????? Who comes up with this stuff????
Oh well, work is getting better, at least I’m making friends with people my own age….
Hey, tomorrow is my favorite service out of the whole year. Maundy Thurday, night Jesus took the first, last supper. It gets a little more real to me every year. Just to let you know, Jo, the service doesn’t start until 7. If that doesn’t conflict with Netherlands trip meeting and you want to, you can hop on over, bet we can give you a ride home too. Just a thought….
Ok, shower time…dude, I totally thought of something in the shower last night and now I forgot it… o well, these things happen…..
oh, by the way, it was brought to my attention that next friday is final four. Terribly sorry kids, but this is one of the few weekends that, since my mom is in school, she will allow me to have people over. If some of you are really that attached to the b-ball game, I understand. Just let me know at some point.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Momma always told me .....Life is like a piece of lasagna

I hate lasagna. It’s really what I have against the meat part. It’s always too sour or too sweet and not what normal meat should taste like. That's what I had for lunch today. Jo ate it. *Excerpt from this morning's freewrite* "Life is like a piece of lasagna. The meat, the stuff that life's made of, is often too sour to swallow, or too sweet to savor" Yep, those are some deep thoughts kids. I'm feeling more and more ADD in class these days. Sad how skilled I am at looking like I'm paying attention and absorbing when really all I'm doing is making note of how some letters look deformed when written on the board. It's a focus problem and spring break couldn't come at a better time.
Speaking of breaks..... How is next Friday (April 1) looking for everyone? Maybe a little soccer (we got space) dinner and Napoleon Dynamite? I feel justified doing this at my house because it’s a lot closer than the O’Neal’s for most of you. If enough people are interested, I'll get some details sent out soon.
Oh, ok, almost forgot... this is kinda interesting.... So at my church between announcements and worship, there's a, umm, I don't know what to call it..."musical interlude"? Just to allow people a peaceful time to focus and get ready for worship. Anyways, one of the worship leaders asked me to put something together to play April 10. Ok, fine, all you awesomely skilled musicians out there, this is no big deal... but for me, its pretty cool, new thing, ya know? Anyways, I was thinking about what to play, ya know, just some chord progressions or something and I sat down at the piano last night and started playing lovedrug. So my dad gets involved and is telling me like when to switch something up or make it a little different, but overall, it sounded alright. Like "musical interlude" alright. Yep, indeed, I think I’ll be playing a modified version of a lovedrug song, in church, come April 10. Exciting stuff.

Ok, I have a french book to create and write and....oh yeah! New dryer sheets to try out! No more static!

A p.s.... does grace do a Maunday Thursday service? I'm thinking I'll be going to the Bible Church's if not, if anyone wants to join me, feel free... thursday night

Mmmm...:)..its raining...ahh, yum...

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Image hosted by

The composition of a post

Ok, so I was looking through my pictures from the spring retreat and I realized that
a) I had taken none but two of all of them and b) sadly, there were no good ones... there were two pretty interesting ones though, but I’m not gonna post either because it's not worth it.... the first one Ray took and it was of fuller playing with his nipples and looking up the field and the other one Jo took of ben and george too, playing with his bellybutton... don't ask..... instead I decided to post a picture of what happens to honey when you keep it past its expiration date. The jar in the back is the color honey is supposed to be……..
anyways…. Mmmm… spring retreat (dangit, I keep trying to call it the fall retreat) was good. Much needed, too much to be said. Saturday night, worship, it was like I was happy for the first time in as long as I could remember. Not the kind of happiness where you’re like “oh, I just want to curl up and be warm and be happy cause I’m happy” no, it was like I just wanted to smile and look around and not think anything and just bask in the joy…. Oh, so refreshing….. got some really good encouragement and confirmation… ya know, people see a lot more about you than you would expect… it’s like you’re trying to hide behind something you didn’t even know existed and someone calls you out and you step back and go whoa, how did you see that? Craziness…….
Athletic ness, that’s my new word or two…..and Microsoft word totally recognized it….
Oh dear, my spastic dog is gonna die if I don’t walk him now....and I can put off my last two essays no longer.
peace out kids

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

We go playground...

Terribly sorry kids. This won't be a long post. My mum's out of town and I just had a bit of an emotional breakdown when she called a little bit ago and asked me how school was. I have so much work to do... I'm gonna go sit in our new, warm laundry room and listen to the dryer and write 8 AP biology essays......

Saturday, March 12, 2005

"That's the problem. At the moment, nothing comes to mind"

Hmm… so very tired…. It’s been a slow, draining week. I am really looking forward to the retreat next weekend. It’s been awhile, where should I begin?
Thursday night I went to Intervarsity with my brother. It was a belated birthday present along with dinner afterwards. They had it in Forrest Theater just for something different even though it was about 35 degrees outside and they didn’t end until about 8:00. I was trying to park and almost hit someone when I was backing up. Literally like the kid put his hand on my car in a effort to jump out of the way in time…dumb kid, it was his fault… funny thing is, he came up and started talking to me shortly before the meeting and I was introducing myself and was like “ uhhh, no, I’m not a student here, I’m Jonathan’s sister and I’m the one that almost hit you….” He was kinda like…ohhh….. Anyways, Jonathan was leading worship and it went really well. The speaker, Kevin Hass from Newport News Virginia (I’ve practically grown up there, kids) spoke on evangelism…. But not the generic evangelism talk… he had a lot of energy and different angles I hadn’t thought of. Afterwards we headed over to McAllister’s, where, believe it or not, I have never eaten at before. I really like that place though and I’ll take it any day over “Japanese Express”……
Friday was depressing, but it happens. We ended the night with parmesan chicken (one of my favorites) and second season, third DVD of Monk. Saturday, I’m so sorry I missed Bekah and Donald’s wedding shower. I’m sure it was fun and good, I wish I could have been there. Instead I was working for 6 hours and it was exhausting. My grandparents are here from Richmond so we skipped youth group tonight. Instead they took us to dinner at Red Hot and Blue in Chapel Hill which has since been turned into “Jim’s Famous Bar-B-Que” Let me tell you something… I’m not going back…. It was a really weird kind of experience…. First, the background music was some kind of upbeat oldies jazzy stuff that was bearable, but just barely. Hmm, then it abruptly changed to “Who let the dogs out?” Uhhh, yeah… needless to say, it was above interesting…. Wow, my siblings and I then proceeded to spend the car ride home quoting Napoleon Dynamite. That is the dumbest, best movie I’ve ever seen….I’m thinking first weekend in April, people are gonna have to come over here and have some dinner and some Napoleon Dynamite watching... yes, lets keep that in mind….
Ok, tired, tired, tired…. Oh yeah… one more thing... tomorrow is the first day that Grace community Church will be meeting in our new location which would be Hillsong Baptist Church on Culbreth road across from Mt. Carmel Church Rd. It starts at 5:30 in the evening, I’m running projection for the first time in my life… it should be interesting, you kids should come sometime when you have nothing better to do on a Sunday evening……
Man am I going to bed…
Peace out you guys….
Oh, we have a new washer and dryer and I have to give you this bit of info... where as our old one used 66 gallons of water for each load, the new one uses 6 gallons of water per load and you can't hear it... Yay!

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

An evening spent looking for washing machines

Have you guys ever noticed that we take the word "washing machine" and make it into "washa machine"? I wasn't even sure how to spell it at first (though that may not come as much of a shock to some of you) Anyways, yes, indeed... we had a family outing to Lowes Hardware to find a new washer and dryer for the addition to the house my dad is finishing up. Wow, it was just like old times.... its unbelievable how many memories, good and bad, that I have of Lowes and Home Depot in my younger years. You kids have to understand though, this is not where I chose to spend the better part of my childhood, it was rather instead a staple of my life, where I was forced to live every weekend while we were building our house. There is so much to be decided about a house... ahhh... paint, plumbing, hardware, carpet, lighting.... toilets.... oh wow, the list goes on and on. So, naturally, being the brilliant children that I and my siblings were (in no reference to my pee story) we found numerous ways of entertaining ourselves at the expense of Lowes and often to the embarrassment of my parents. Here, as follows are all the entertaining things one can find to do in a hardware store when you are 8-9 years old.....

1. Sit on every toilet that isn't stuck up on a wall.
2. Find the doorbell isle and ring them all until people stop looking at you.....or your mother finds you....
3. Open every washer, dryer, dishwasher, cabinet, and refrigerator and see which ones you can stuff your little sister in.
4. Find the huge hanging carpet rolls and hang yourself over them until you are in danger of falling off or getting dizzy or getting spanked.
5. Find those little wooden samples of counter colors and take one of each of the blue ones. Do this with paint samples too.
6. Practice test every riding lawn mower in the isle.
7. Run in between the huge, hanging rugs after feeling every single freaking carpet sample with in our reach.
8. Hang out in the wood isle just to smell the place.
9. Derby race all the rolling office chairs down the main isle until you impede some old lady’s crossing time.
10. Lounge in the bathtubs until you get enough weird looks to make even a 7 year old rethink their actions.
11. Find the mirror isle and have a little alone time....

Oh wow, the funny thing is, almost all of these things resulted in us getting punished somehow... oh, yeah, and my dad got us all these little tool belt apron thingies and our own set of tools with which to help him. Man, I wore that thing everywhere..... oh, good times...good, good times....
And we still haven't found a washer......


Tuesday Evening Masterpiece Theater

An excerpt from this morning's freewrite:
".....a little less confused, maybe I'm just processing. Yes, I'm working things out in my mind. I'm one of those slower computers maybe, not an older model, but just one which has too much stuff uploading all at once. I need to take each file, break it down, and run it through to check for viruses before printing out the final copy"
Yep, so that was how I spent my day...processing....I figured out that pow-wows are just mouthpieces for the constant processing that goes on in my head ( Jo, this would be why I talk about the same things over and over until the point that you want to slap me) So, since Jo wasn't at school today, as she was sick, I had no one to process out loud with and so therefore kept it to myself. This made the day a slow, easy, out-of-it, but protected kind of day. Anyways, then I went home and it was boring, boring, boring, boring, until Fuller decided that he has nothing to do so he comes over and I tried to make espresso, but it kinda didn't work, but... we sat in my kitchen and talked and it was good and much needed....something out of the norm....
Me mum took me out to dinner tonight and it was good but then she made me go grocery shopping with her which meant I would have to see everyone at work, but it was alright, I guess....
Wow, my dad told me last night that it was all that cooked squash they feed me as a baby that made my eyes turn blue... hmmmm
Ahhh, my homework is done and I'm working on quite a bad headache so I think I'll call it a night and maybe get some decent sleep.
And, so, in the words of Kip..."peace out"

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Jo really liked this pic so I decided to put it up..... hmm, for those
of you that don't know, this is our baby.....for three long months
we've slaved over this piece of furniture.... our art project.... our
blue, arabesque table...

"Ahh, I'm is so free of hand" I know its the back
of us, and you kinda can't tell, but in this picture I'm completly
proud of myself, for the awesome freehanding I'm doing, and Jo is
looking at it like something just slapped her.... wow, I like this

So, this is an awesome picture of Jo and I painting our illustrious

blue table. I love the fact that Joanna looks so irratated with the


Thursday, March 03, 2005

Mmm… Of frozen pizza and good tea…..

Yeah, last night was crazy, I had so much work to do. The weird thing is, I went to bed with very little of it done but in every class today, I turned in completed assignments. Funny how homework just happens..... Didn't get to sleep till very late and then had trouble sleeping, partly because I was freezing cold, because both my windows were open (not to my knowledge) and partly because I must sleep on my side but when I tried, I felt unbalanced or something, like I was gonna fall over.I was seriously laying there like "what am I doing? I feel like I'm about to crumple over like a rag doll or something." I finally achieved equilibrium by falling asleep with my arm around a small pillow....hey, whatever floats my boat....
I checked out Sips last night, for the first time, with Heather Fuller. I like the shop a lot, atmosphere, layout, all those good things. Had an excellent time just talking with her. Had a lot of things that were good to get off my mind. And I found out that people actually don’t mind listening to my issues….yeah….that’s one of my problems…. The fear of burdening other people with stuff I’m dealing with….Anyways, that was such a blessing for me and I really appreciated her taking the time to do that.
Jo, Mr. Durham was pissed today. We have got to finish our table or something before grades are supposed to be turned in. That would entail finishing it tomorrow. Do you even have paint at your house?
I swear I’m cursed when it comes to getting anywhere on time. So, I talked too long after school with Jo and people so I was horribly late for my piano lesson. Get on the road and I get behind some guy going at least 42 miles under the speed limit. So I’m yelling “Get off the road, you fossil!” and he finally turns off only for me to then wind up behind a stupid school bus for the rest of the 10 miles. My teacher is so gracious though.
Yeah, for once in my life I don’t have any homework tonight. I might do something constructive with my time…..maybe I’ll make some paper boxes or something……….yeah, or something…. Well, it’s my Dad’s night to do dinner, so that means frozen pizza………
Ciao everyone,
Oh yeah, I was thinking about the inner workings of a three to four-year-old mind today and was reminded of my own childhood and obvious clear headedness, even at a young age... Yes, that's right kids, when I was four years old I noticed that my parents had a bathroom in their room while, strangly, mine was lacking of this necessary facility. So, being the awesome problem solver that I was at the time, I reasoned that it was only fair that I have a bathroom in my room as well. I didn't think my parents would fly with this idea, so I took matters into my own hands and proceeded to pee on the carpet, in a corner, for the next few weeks. Yes, my mom didn't figure this out for a bit, but finally did after all the comments that guests, who had the ill-fate of using my room, made about the odd smell. My mom moved my bed over my pre-said and prefered corner, and just like a little puppy dog, I stopped.
Just thought I'd let you guys know because I'm in the mood for sharing embarrassing childhood mistakes.....I'm sure everyone has made them....... and please don't forget that I was only about four at the time.....long time ago....

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

I have work to do?

I have 20 AP biology worksheets due tomorrow that I looked at and then put down.... why am I blogging then, you may ask? Well, as previously stated, I put them down. And I cannot find ANYTHING (please feel the wrath of my CAPS)about basic, stupid, roots.....Ben, you were supposed to give us your biology notes if you could ever find them....did you ever find them? Holy Crap, I want to kill someone out of my frustration.....Ok, how does one go from an innocent internet search about runner roots to detailed directions on how to grow marijuana? It happens, my friends, oh it happens.
Ok, I apoligize. This is like a freewrite of indignation, of fury, of ire, of wrath.... gone horribly wrong.... Jo, hun, are ya with me in saying that you never want to hear the word individuality, again? dude, I must have written "individual" or some form of it at least 68 times in the space of 100 min........die, die, die, die, die......