Monday, February 28, 2005

ok, double post

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ok, I know, second post of the night but I just looked at Ben's blog
for the first time in a while and that  airport picture was very
familiar cause I've looked out the same window, just a month later.
This was the picture that Rachel and I took in that same place, just a
different angle. Anyways, it was cool, brought back good memories......i know,boring, but it was our only glimpse into amsterdam....

No, I'm being good......mmm, its so good.......

"Joanna, I don't think you understand the epicsigtifany....."......I just made up that word, like 5 min. ago. Dude, its beautiful, and I'm gonna use it. Maybe I'll define it.....maybe later....

ok, moving onwards. Today was not bad, not exceptionally good either. Its kinda cool though because I'm happy for the first time in a long, long time. It's like some measure of joy has been restored in my life as a foundation and now little things make me happy, like they used to. Hard to explain, some of you may understand, but over the past two months or so, I've felt like some of my childlikeness (is that a word?) has been taken. Actually a lot of it was taken. Not in the sense that "oh yeah, I'm growing up and maturing and not acting like a little kid anymore" No, it was the good part of child in me. The trust, and simple joy, the forgetting.....the forgiving....of a little kid was gone. I felt abandoned...children don't get abandoned without it affecting them. It was hard for me to go through everyday with nothing but more fear and hurt to look forward to. All of this is to say that I see some hope now. I didn't ask to be happy, all I wanted was some joy and contentness again. So, yeah, I'm getting it. And it's bringing all that trust and rest and happiness with it. I knew God had a reason for everything it just took me some time to beleive what I was telling myself. He's cool, come through again....He's probably wondering if I'll ever figure out that He does that everytime......oh and thank you, by the way.

On a lighter note... I like Keane... i'd actually been listening to them before i knew it was them, so it was much to my shock and joy that the noise coming out of my stereo was music that I had already labeled as "good".

WOW, I had an interesting fight with the grill tonight. It won, and I'm never touching it again. Ok, first of all, you have to understand that I'm not very fond of fire or its to the point that when I was 7 and I heard talk of a fire in a ditch a mile from our house, I planted myself under my parents bed for 2 hours. Like to the point that I was 12 before I would stand actually outside of the house instead of inside to watch fireworks.... I don't like lighting candles,hot stoves or boyscouts with a campfire and bug spray.... anyways....
This is obviously a God-given fear, because it just kept my hair from getting burned off. So I was lighting the grill (you guys, that very statement strikes fear into my heart) and we just got a new one and no one bothered to tell me that it works differently. So where as on our old one, you turn ALL the knobs to open all the gas valves, on this new one you are only supposed to turn ONE of the six knobs on. As previously stated, no one told me. I turned them all on. I then went to push the ignitor, thought for a moment, decided to duck and move as far away from the grill as possible, because naturally I feared them. I then used a stick to press the ignitor and almost died as I watched in horror as a huge explosion take place right where my head was moments ago....... I will now go boil my hotdog instead..........
Bye you guys, and please remember to never stick me in charge of a cook-out.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

A winter weather forcast????

Well, I have some history to finish up, but I thought I’d make a quick post since it’s been awhile. Jo likes lists but I like bullet points so I’ll use those to sum up my thoughts……

*God is cool
*No, like really, freaking cool
*Church tonight was good (Guess what! I'm Daddy's little girl)
*I'm now a member of Carrboro Community Church (actually it's recently been changed to Grace Community Church.....sorry guys...)
*This has opened a new chapter in my life that I'm ready to stop fighting God on and actually work with Him instead.
*I was horribly sick on Friday
*I felt better Saturday
*Jo better have gotten me a T-shirt
*I miss my Joanna Joy
*I watched Monk today with my family
*I ate my daddy's raisin bread french toast for breakfast
*I delicatly crafted paper boxes for 4 hours for my sister to put stuff in
*I wanted to go to Armadillo Grill tonight for dinner, like normal after church.
*Instead we went to Wendy's.
*I like mandrin (sp?) oranges.
*I need to convince my mom to let me go on the spring retreat.
*I'm going to go watch my daddy's Bluegrass Jam tomorrow night. I'll let you know how much fun that was....actually, I think it will be fun in case you think I'm being sarcastic.
*I took a picture of my dog, which is really cute, but I don't have time to upload it.
*Maybe tomorrow.
*I'm going to Sips with Heather Fuller on Wednesday for some chatting. It will be good.
*Please snow so I don’t have to finish my IRP.

G'night kids.

PS. Bullet points are just an excuse to make a really long run-on sentence.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005


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This is a close up of the delicate chocolate leaves. No, I don't have issues, this is my new toy.....

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This is the cake I built last night. It is beautiful. Those are white chocolate leaves delicatly crafted par moi.
OK, must go to work now, Oh, so my sister normally babysits with me on thursday evenings at 7 at the Chapel Hill Bible Church but she's sick so I gotta find someone else.... Kim? Rach? anyone......?

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Hosted by Photobucket.comOk

Kids, I did it. Yes I did it. It brings a tear to my eye, but my dream

is now a reality. I have posted my first picture, all by myself. Ok,

about this lovely picture. There is my mirror so painstakingly put up (

notice you can't see any holes though they are there) There is my

keyboard, which, may I add, I built the thing it rests upon. Kinda

rustic but it also kinda goes with the rest of the house (for those of

you who don't know, we have a log home) Hanging from my ceiling fan are

the cherries that my dear Rachel Armstrong gave to me to put in my car

which my mom will not allow, as she thinks they are a distraction (only

to some, mainly, other drives. Me? I can handle my cherries.) Hmm, you

can't tell in this pic, I thought you could, but my stereo is behind

me, facing the mirror and it is playing Lovedrug. (No, I have not

abused this into an obsession...uhhhh.... nevermind) Ok, I thought a

paragraph that long was appropriate for that milestone. However, moving


Today, I built a cake. It is for one of my friends whose birthday is

tomorrow and I'd love to post a picture, but it is still cooling ( You

guys will eventually hate this, and in fact, stop reading my blog

because soon there will be a photographic history to every bit of my

life until the newness of this ability wears off. I'm like a little

kid, so easy to please)

See you kids later,


Monday, February 21, 2005

Why can't I post a picture?

I feel so incompetent. I tried, for an hour to post a picture on my blog. I have failed, the above was my last attempt, and it didn't work. I was so happy because I finished my room and I wanted to allow everyone to see my beautiful double panel mirror that was quite a trip trying to put up. So, to hang anything in drywall, you have to find the studs behind it to hammer the nails into. So I looked for the studs and hammered the nail in where I thought it was. I was wrong, so I moved over a couple cm and hammered the nail in again. I was wrong again. This process continued until I had a foot-long line of holes across my wall. So I eventually found the studs and hung the mirror but I still had these holes in my wall. So, I grabbed my sisters kneaded
erasure, filled in the holes and then painted over them. I'm ghetto, but I'm awesome and it worked and no one can tell. I just wish you guys could see it. O well, my blog may remain forever pictureless.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Oh,*happy sigh* and it's raining......

So today was fairly boring and normal until I ran up to the store for my mom and ran into one of my co-workers. Ok, first of all, I'd like to establish that this kid is 25 years old, knows that I'm only a sophomore in high school and is just a wee bit too friendly. So first he asks me what I did on Valentine's Day (trying to figure out if I'm single?....)when he recieved the appropriate answer out of me, he then asks for my phone number... so I dance around the issue and I quess he sensed my hesitation because he then began to justify himself. And I quote..."I mean, I just wanna hang out sometime, like not a date or anything, I wouldn't sneak that in on you. I mean I don't wanna git which you or nothin', well, not yet anyways.......its just that you're so fly" uhhh....? Do I wear a sign around my neck that says " Hey! I'm nine years younger than you. Lets get together." No...I don't. You guys, I need help. This is a tad bit scary.
Anyways, so church was alright and then dinner afterwards, we went to Franklin St. and I discovered I had never been taught to parallel park.I tried, failed, drove around for another 10 min. and then parked in some Rosemary lot illegally, went and found my brother and he then schooled me on the basics.uhh,yeah.... still not sure i could do it.....
WOW...Catherine likes Lovedrug.... I know everyone likes Spiders but I'm really liking number 5 and 7. Wow, like really liking. And they have fairly simple piano parts which I could figure out if someone knew the guitar chords to either of those because i can't find them online or anything. Yeah, speaking of piano, I fiddled around on mine for like an hour or so yesterday and accidently "composed" something so last night I sat down to put words to my composision and got half way, couldn't think anymore so I drew a blue heart and some dots on my stomach and then finished the song.(No, I'm not ADD or ADHD). Yeah so that was my day pretty much. No school tomorrow but I must work on IRPs and stuff anyways....
Fell asleep to some beautiful music last night... I think I may do it again...

Saturday, February 19, 2005

So i almost hit my first biker today-10 points!

Ok, sorry I haven’t been up-to-date but at least I’m not in danger of over-blogging. This past week has not been bad. School is always a drag but some measure of joy has been restored in my life. Situations are gradually smoothing themselves over and those people who aren’t, don’t matter.
Heather and Leslie’s last night was fun. (Sweetpea, you know I didn’t mean what I said and I still love you with a fiery passion) I think I really needed something like that after the past couple of weeks.
Today was fairly uneventful, it basically involved a little bit of house cleaning, more work on the driveway and trying to do something with my room. I went up to the PTA thrift shop in carrboro to see if I could find a bookshelf or a superman shirt. Know of anywhere I could find either of those? Anyways, I wound up bringing home a double panel framed mirror that about 3' by 5'. Hmmm, now how do I stick this on my wall? Excellent question but it looked awesome and it wasn't badly priced. It will work in my room, when I'm done with this "redoing" you kids will have to come over and see it.
ok, youth group tonight hopefully will be good, and I'll see most of you there.
Oh, I forgot to tell you about my beer arm. Ok, this is the fact that my right arm muscle is noticably larger than my left due to the beer I lift out of carts constantly 2 days a week. Not a bad thing, but I'm afraid it might start looking a wee bit odd.

Oh, ok, does anyone want a cat? We've had one hanging out at our house for the past few days and we already have enough indoor animals and my mom doesn't want an outdoor cat in the interest of the birds, but it's kinda sad and it's hungry and it won't go away..... someone take it please!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Do I even have muscles there?

Yeah, today was alright. and it wasn't. Jo wasn't at school so of course it was pointless to be at school...hmmm... except for that time i got that was worth it... (that was all for you, babydoll) Came home right after school which was great and awesome and never happens because I'm always doing something after school. Anyways, I've had some weird motivations going on lately. Alot of them are good, like all the things that I used to be motivated in and haven't recently. Like school. Maybe this is connected to the word I got on the ski retreat and my pool is finally being unclogged. So, but it's not just schoolwork, it's other things like.... well.... The other day, I got this urge to do something constructive with my afternoons, but not just anything, some sort of physical labor. Yes, so I spent a good two hours or so this afternoon shoveling gravel to fill the potholes in our driveway. I had no idea I had these muscules in my back. I do now. Yes, I definitly know now. O well, I kinda enjoy that kind of thing(Jo can tell you, I once chopped,by hand, and stacked a tree that had fallen across our driveway.) it's really the sense of accomplishment, but it's more about paying my car insurance. And it's because my brother used to be the one to do these things and he's not here anymore and maybe I've always tried to prove to my dad that I am as useful as he. I am. And sore. More tomorrow.
I then completed my afternoon with a brisk drive to the park to exercise my dog which was a new and enlightening experience for both me and him. I'll think I'll do it again on Thursday.
I'm also re-doing my room. Not drastically, but just enough to make it a little more inviting. Spent a good deal of US History today drwing floorplans,I mean, who needs to know about Hitler anyways?
Finished my homework. I feel so accomplished. And sore. I'll tell you about my "beer arm" tomorrow. Right now, I must find that back massager.
'Night, Kids.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Google is so useful.

Just wondering, have you guys ever had one of those frustrating times when you realise you forgot to brush your hair before you got in the shower which means you will have to brush it afterwards, when it's wet, and therefore it just won't curl the way it normally does when you sleep? One of life's little tragidies if you ask me. I just might not wake up like this tomorrow.
I thought I'd give you uneducated kids a history on Valentines Day since that is what today is though many of us could care less. That, and after the last post, I have nothing else to write about. The following is not in my own words.

Under the rule of Emperor Claudius II Rome was involved in many bloody and unpopular campaigns. Claudius the Cruel was having a difficult time getting soldiers to join his military leagues. He believed that the reason was that roman men did not want to leave their loves or families. As a result, Claudius cancelled all marriages and engagements in Rome. The good Saint Valentine was a priest at Rome in the days of Claudius II. He and Saint Marius aided the Christian martyrs and secretly married couples, and for this kind deed Saint Valentine was apprehended and dragged before the Prefect of Rome, who condemned him to be beaten to death with clubs and to have his head cut off. He suffered martyrdom on the 14th day of February, about the year 270.During the days that Valentine was imprisoned, he fell in love with the blind daughter of his jailer. His love for her, and his great faith, managed to miraculously heal her from her blindness before his death. Before he was taken to his death, he signed a farewell message to her, "From your Valentine." The phrase has been used on his day ever since.

Hmmm.... I guess then it would be more appropriate to send dead roses, since this actually the day he died. O well, there are so many things we mix up...

Some interesting Valentine's Traditions. Again, these are not in my own words.

***In the Middle Ages, young men and women drew names from a bowl to see who their valentines would be. They would wear these names on their sleeves for one week. To wear your heart on your sleeve now means that it is easy for other people to know how you are feeling.

***If you cut an apple in half and count how many seeds are inside, you will also know how many children you will have.

***Think of five or six names of boys or girls you might marry, As you twist the stem of an apple, recite the names until the stem comes off. You will marry the person whose name you were saying when the stem fell off. (I wonder how many people will actually do this...)

ahh, yes, all this talk has made me recall my most infamous pick-up line. "When I was little, my favorite crayon in the whole box was the blizzard blue one. Now, why am I thinking of this? Oh, yeah, your eyes, they're blizzard blue". Yes, I know it's sad but someone did actually say that to me at some point during my young years. It was one of those eyebrow raising moments.....I stayed smooth though.
Wow, my dad just told me that "he too was hot in high school before he stopped wearing sweaters in the summer".
Ya know, it's just been one of those nights.
And I paid my first bill.
Ok, now you're straight and enlightened. You are quite welcome.
P.S. I like you because you don't sweat much for a fat girl and you're pretty fly for a white guy. :) <3

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Sometimes you can't make it on your own.

When you’re experiencing some sort of massive hurt many people turn to and are comforted by the unfathomable love of God. They truly visualize Him as that Father, with open arms that are so warm and they wrap around you like an electric blanket on a February school night when you don’t want to be anywhere else but in bed. He’s the comfort that comes at the time when you are between waking and sleeping in the most comfortable, relaxed, covered state. In His “love state” God is most comprehensible. We can compare Him to any and everything that has ever offered us comfort, peace, or affection because He is the author of everything of this sort. However, God has just shown me a different kind of comfort and that is from His justice.
God is just. I f he wasn’t there would be no need for Jesus to stand in the gap. In the words of one of my favorite hymns, Before the Throne of God Above, “Because the sinless Savoir died, my sinful soul is counted free, for God the Just is satisfied to look on Him and pardon me.” There had to be a scapegoat, this is not an issue that could have been dropped. Someone had to take the blame. It makes things right…….right? The very nature of God is to right things. But we are so wrong. Thus the paradox of “a love of justice” vs. “an unjust love”. As I said before, God’s love is unfathomable. If it was fathomable we could just grab a handful, stick it in our pocket, and forget about it. It would make it within human conception and would therefore represent our own capacity to love the same way which would get us absolutely nowhere because what would then be the point of Jesus? Therefore, God’s love can’t be grasped, for a very good reason. But what’s the deal with love and justice? You can’t really combine them both, right? Wrong. And right. No, our capacity to love and our understanding of justice can’t be combined. However, God’s love and God’s justice can it’s perfectly represented in Jesus. God was just enough to create a scapegoat, but that same scapegoat was the one he created because He loved us so much.
I think too often we focus on the love of God as a comfort in horrible situations instead of His justice as a comfort in horrible situations. Don’t you think God sees that hurt? Of course you know that but what you picture is the sadness in His eyes and gentle compassion. True, true, no doubt. But do you see that other look? That one says “yeah, you’ve been wounded and it’s wrong and I see the wrong, I’ll make it right”. God will make it right! He doesn’t say “suck it up and move on”, He says “This is wrong, I’ll suck it up, and we’ll move on”. Ya know He’s protecting you? Not like “a circle of angels to keep you from falling out of a tree” but like “Hey! That is mine that you are messing with”. Sure the tables can be turned if you’re in the wrong, then He’ll be just with you. But that’s not what I’m addressing. I’m talking about His “love justice”. This is compassion at its height. Yeah, you want to be more compassionate? Start by not only showing love but some justice too. You know how it is, when you are wrongly accused and punished but your mom says “yeah, I know you were wronged and it hurts”. In some sense, being punished no longer matters because it didn’t take away knowing right. I feel like I need about 60 disclaimers about being angry and whining about how life isn’t fair, but that’s not the kind of justice I’m talking about. That’s human justice and labeled and discounted as such because we can’t see the big picture.
So, you know when something happens and you lie awake at night because it haunts you and you try to draw comfort from phrases like “it’s God’s will” or “God’s teaching me something”. So be it, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t gather you up and look upon your adversaries with a just (but no less loving) eye. Even Jesus was angered, outwardly showed it, about wrongdoings. God is not always passive in his compassion. It doesn’t always involve comfort from just being rocked in grace on a rainy afternoon. It involves a fire of righteous anger. God is angry. He has displayed it. Are you not angered out of love when you see your kid brother getting picked on? Kids, it is the same thing! Someone is picking on Daddy’s little girl (or guy) and it makes Him mad! Yeah, it does. God can be mad for you. But even as He’s seething, He still becomes that quiet corner in a dark room where His hand catches all of your tears. So rock with Him. Listen to his heart beat with pride for you, His, who did the right thing. Yeah, He has time to hold you right now but later on…… He has some unfinished business to take care of.

OK, wow, I wrote that last night and some of it I don’t even remember putting down on paper. Anyways, it’s for me but I think it’s not just for me.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

So you wanna be a blogstar?

Ok, I really don't feel like writing, actually the only thing I feel like doing is sleeping. Not going to youth group tonight because after working today and this crazy past week, I really need to stay home and just do nothing. Ahh, I have a papercut...., thanks Jo......
Party last night was cool, its always good to spend an evening with the people I love.

Wow, yeah, this past week was probably the most draining,both physically and emotionally, (but not spiritually)that I've had in a long time... maybe ever....actually yeah.....ever.Actually, yeah, I think Fuller said it best in his post "interesting to say the least".
So, if anyone has an opening in their prayer time, I'm really needing some guidence, joy, clarity, and contentness. Hmmm, I think i'm having trouble trusting too. I'm most certainly learning my lessons but I need to start trusting that they're all worth learning, or at least in the way I'm learning them.
Listening to the new U2 Cd right now, but there's really only a few songs that i'm liking.
OK, anyways kids, gonna go do something I guess..... nap.....mmmmm....

Monday, February 07, 2005

It's been awhile, but I'm back....

So today was not the greatest. Had an AP biology test and then went home early cause I wasn't feeling at all like I could make it through the rest of the day. I did get all my homework done and managed to fix dinner so I do feel kinda accomplished.
I haven't posted in a couple days but I did want to comment on saturday night. One of the most refreshing nights I've had in awhile at youth group. It was pretty cool, God spoke to me twice in two different ways He never has before. One of the times was when we did that sit-down-and-write thing. I thought I'd go ahead and throw it out there partly because I'm not sure what to make of it and partly because I do, if that makes any sense. It does start out kind of depressing, and I apoligize, but it was like I was having a conversation with Him, right there on the paper totally not from my mind. After awhile, it became pretty apparent that one part was God talking and one part was me answering. I think you'll be able to figure out which voice is His and which is mine. Ok, enough intro. Here it is:

-So this is a love song to no one, for no one to hear. Because no one can taste this like you do.
So this is how you always find me.
-No this is how you make me.
-No, this is where you meet me.
-No, this is how you make me feel.
-So this is the street where you’re broken.
-Yep, this is the place I weep.
-It’s kinda dark.
-Yeah, the light’s not very deep.
-What’s that streetlamp?
-I only know what the broken window is for.
-Is it warm inside?
-It was, but it leaked out.
-What’s replacing it?
-Are you cold, child?
-Yeah, maybe a little.
-Well, maybe a lot. Actually, I am cold.
-Where’s your coat?
-I thought you took it. Wait, it was here. Have I lost it?
-No. It’s there.
-Right here. Here.
-Wait and keep talking.
-It’s getting warmer.
-It is only the streetlamp. It won’t last.
-No. It’s already faded.
-Then why are you chained to it’s post?
-I don’t know.
-Are you cold, child?
-Are you cold?
-Can you sleep in the dark?
-That’s the only way I know how to sleep.
-Would you like another cover?
-No, this one’s safe.
-Why is there blood on your shirt?
-It’s not mine. Why is there blood on your hands?
-It’s not mine.
-Is it mine?
-I’m cold.
-I know.
-This cover is too dry.
-Would you like another cover?
-No, this one’s still safe.
-The lamp has been relit.
-It was always lit. I just missed it for a second.
-You were cold.
-My lamp went out.
-No, it was lit.
-No, it was burning under something.
-I know.
-It wants to rain.
-Why do you like rain? Why do you like blue?
-They are your blessings for me.
-Are they?
-I know you exist.
-I know.
-Rain and blue are your calling card.
-I left them on your doorstep.
-I found them when I opened the door.
-I left them on the back.
-I was not expecting that. I always go to the front.
-I know.
-The front has a brick staircase. It’s cold.
-Like you.
-The back is warmer. It is enclosed and it is lighted.
-It is not like the streetlamp.
-It’s purer.
-Are you cold?
-Would you like another cover?
-Do you like that one?
-You gave it to me.

yeah, so there it is. I'd be curious to see what you guys think.
oh, just a side note.... ALOT of prayer in the next 24 hours about whether or not I'm supposed to go on the Netherlands trip would be more than appreciated.

Saturday, February 05, 2005


Holy cow!.... type in ahhh, some kind of weird cult....

Anyways, moving on......
Today I painted a table blue... and it is the shiznit! I guess it should be since it took us 45 minutes of mixing paint for a certain picky,picky someone to become happy with the final shade of blue..... and now her perfect shade is all over her pants.....probably not coming out, sweet pea......

Had to beg off work for next Friday and there was no saving face.... I'd like to say thanks to my brother who agreed to take my "shift" for me...... it was a hot guy last time who took my spot and this time its my brother but, it is all good......

So i watched Napoleon Dynamite again this afternoon. Its always better the second time through but it was sad and different not watching it with all the cool people that were on the bus the first time I saw it. Yeah, I was like the only one laughing and I looked around and felt kind of stupid.... o well, it was worth it.

Saw a play tonight, "Into the Woods" with my friend Nikki. It was excellent, really worth seeing, though I think I'm always up to seeing a play because I love theater. Very twisted but amusing and possibly a little "risqué". General consensus .... I loved it....

Wait, what!!??? Hannah Dell is already pregnant? uhhhhhh...... wow, exciting and beautiful and shocking and beautiful.......
I'm going to bed because I must awake at some ungodly hour to drive to Raleigh for our last piano rehearsal before the thing on Sunday... ahhh only one more day! wish me luck guys.... uhhh, yeah.... a 12 hand, 3 piano duet will take alot of prayers...:)
See you on the flip side, which to some of you means I'll see you tomorrow night, and to means something else....0:)

Friday, February 04, 2005

An uneventful but draining day.......

I'd like to start by saying thank you to Michael Fuller for being kind enough to post some awesome yet slightly skewed pics of some cool people. To anyone that is wondering, in the profile pic, the one in the back is me, the one in the foreground is Jo..... just a heads up.....

Ok, so today was wet, but its all good, I like rain, I just don't like cold. But, I dealt with it in the run between the car and the school building....Fell asleep in biology until Ms. B. yelled "Joanna" across the room. Nah, I was paying attention actually.... Had piano lessons after school. It went ok, but my competition thing on this Sunday is freaking me out cause I don't know if I'm ready... oh well, prayers would be good but I'll let you guys know how it turns out.
Tonight was my sister's b-day so we did the usual steak and presents and cake and stuff. I gave her Napoleon Dynamite just so I'd have an excuse to watch it whenever my heart desires. Got an AP Biology test tomorrow so I need to finish my next thirty pages of reading.
Talk to you kids later......

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Pictures of totally awesome people

So here are some pictures of my beautiful Jo and me... and of course the coolest person in the world, Michael! These were from some random night about 2 months ago and we went picture crazy(there are lots more). And a picture of Michael after I put all kinds of stuff all over his head....Aren't we all so HOT HOT HOT?????? yes... we are

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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Master of all keys!

Basketball practice was excellent by far, got some energy out and my good,good friend Zadee and I beasted our other teammates during scrimage with our sweet new play. There is actually no brain work invovled but with skillz like ours, brain work is rarely needed, the awesomeness just happens.
Ok, I just made a run back up to school, praying that the cleaning lady was still there and could provide access my locker. I have history and math due tomorrow that I knew I couldn’t pull off in a lunchtime, and I had left both books at school. I got there and all except one door was locked and all the lights were off. This one door is right next to my locker and it was incredibly frustrating to practically see my books but not have access to then. Oh, but wait, the door was open! SWEET!!! Homework tonight….. I made a quick run through the school to see who was still there at 7:30 at night and there was no one in that building. It was creepy but a blessing at the same time…. Just goes to show, God has the Master Key to EVERY door in this world!
FYI, today I'm feeling like a real comformer. I have comformed to those with blogs and have created my own, I was also introduced to Mutemath today (thank you Jo,darling) and am totally hooked. Oh, also got hooked on The Urban Sophisticates, but cannot get hold of a copy for myself and I've been instructed not to burn it. Someone please help me.......

*DING* I cleaned my room! My room is clean!

I'm falling off my chair.....

I'm identifying fungi right now. Well, I'm supposed to be.... Yes, I'm in Biology currently and have only 15 minutes left before freedom....ahhh...sweet freedom. Anyways, then it's off to basketball practice and on home. As previously mentioned, I don't have time nowto post anything profound, but I will update everyone when I find the time. By the way, today was day three of mine and Joanna's "walking club".....20 minutes to eat lunch and then 20 minutes to walk.... not bad for a 45 minutes....

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

There are firsts for everything....

Ok, at the force and prodding of my dear friend and spooning buddy, Jo, ( I have created a blog so I can post on hers and am also now creating my first post. Yeah, I'm actually in art class, *wink,wink* right now but my motivation kinda fell through the cracks. I will talk to you kids later because i should go do something........