Monday, May 29, 2006

New pics on flickr

Prom, wedding, and grilling....

Friday, May 12, 2006

When you're fightin' the current, you forget how to live....

Hey guys, (even though no one is reading this anymore)
Remember those days when we blogged EVERY day!? sometimes twice a day...... anyways, no one reads anyones blog anymore so i can write whatever I want......blah blah blah.

The new Goo Goo Dolls CD is the BEST ever! This may sound ridiculous but I haven’t listened to the radio in my car for about 2 and half weeks, ever since I bought the CD. It's that good. It doesn't get old. Hey, do you guys ever think that it's weird that when bread goes stale it gets harder but when like, crackers go stale they get softer?

Oh yeah, and I got another job and I'm loving it. No, no, no I didn't quit the wonderful coffee shop, I'm just working two jobs, barista at La Vita and hostess at Merlion, a new Singapore(ian?) restaurant. It is tres good. So are the strawberries at Jeans. Go pick them........

I have a really bad cough and my voice sounds weird and I'm going prom dress shopping tomorrow, and I'm going to Busch Gardens next weekend with the whole extended family, which is gonna be bangin'! and there's gonna be a few new pics on my flickr.

peace, joy, happiness, self-control.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Freedom! Forever!

Your hope is fading faster than mine tonight
So let me take your burden for a while
I am here for you, broken in every way
In the company of Christ, blessed Savior

Let me hold you
Let me pray for you
We are wounded, wounded healers

I will open up my heart and the weakness hiding there
And the kindness of the Lord we will share

-Wounded Healers, Glassbyrd

Hey kids, thought it was time for an update, since it has been a while. Um, I'll start where my last post left off with the SAT. I have since received my scores and did fairly well, like at least get into UNC-CH scores, but am taking it again April 1 (no joke) to try and do a little better as I'd like to go to UVA and higher scores would be preferable.
Also since my last post I have started both playing on my own soccer team and coaching a 10-11 year-olds team. Yes, my spring schedule is a wee bit packed, but if anyone ever wants to see some semi-bad soccer playing, feel free to come watch either team. If you'd like an update on 1v.1 basketball tournaments at school, I have won my first bracket slot and will advance on to the next round to be played sometime next week. I don't plan on making it farther than that though, as I am scheduled to go up against the girl's coach. Don't ask me how that worked out.

Oh, I've tasted a little piece of heaven these last few days. 80 degrees and breezy is where I'd like to stay for the rest of my life. Or 65 with windows open, fan on, and cool blue cotton sheets is where I'd like to sleep for the rest of my life. It has been a good past couple of days. This weather just makes you feel more whole, cleaner, like anything and everything could blow right through you. I love summer for its freedom, but I just love spring.
Speaking of's official, Rach A. and I are going to Florida for Spring break! She and I will fly down to Tampa, April 17 and stay with her sister for about a week. I'm so excited...I love the beach and I love flying...both in one trip are almost more than I can handle!..but i'll try.

I want to stand on a mountain top for all eternity.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Fun, fun, fun......

Hey kids, guess what! I'm taking the SAT tomorrow..... Prayers would be good and are appreciated!

Monday, January 16, 2006

One long weekend with way too much excitement.....

Ahh, yes I'm back in the blogging community after more than a months absence. I'm sure it would have been longer but the events of my three-day weekend were too "good" not to be shared.
Where to start.... I guess LOST is to blame for some of this.... As previously stated, Joanna got me a wee bit addicted to LOST over Christmas break so we decided to have a LOST watching night on Sunday after youth group. All went well until Joanna backs into a curb just outside of Grace Church parking lot and promptly becomes the proud recipient of her first flat tire. Long story short, we had plenty of car jacks to go around but nothing to get her lug nuts off with...darn lug nuts, bigger than on our cars..... So naturally, we put The Killers in Nikki stereo, crank the volume, and waited in the cold to be rescued. And we were, almost simultaneously by both Jo's John and my bro, Jonathan. I took pictures, good to have documentation.. Check the Flickr *Coming Soon*

.....Well, I thought it was a wee bit exciting.... and we learned so much about changing tires and making sure Joanna has all the right equipment and we even discovered a cup holder that she didn't know she had!

Anyhow, After 7 hours of watching LOST at Jo's and then getting up to go to piano, I was quite ready to call it a weekend by the time I was pulling into my driveway at about 12:45 this afternoon. Unfortunately, the old scary psychotic man who's been staking out our house had other plans in mind. Now, let me preface this by saying that my young sister Joanna had on four other occasions, while walking the dog, seen a strange car parked across from our field and an even stranger man quickly snapping pictures of the property before being spotted and then promptly driving away. Anyways, back to the present day story....As previously stated, we had just pulled into the driveway and were checking the mail, when I saw this same guy, different car, performing his usual mysterious business. As soon as he saw us, of course, he threw the car in reverse and took off down a side street. Being a wee bit sleep deprived and feeling a little too heroic after watching a great bad-guy-capture-scene in LOST, I got the bright idea to follow this psycho dude to where ever he may lead us. And he did lead us, in a loop, practically right where we had started. O well, so he knew he was being followed, at least we had the license plate number and car description. I planned to let it go and head back home. Unfortunately, just as I was deciding to "let him go" the man pulls over on the side of the road to let us pass and then pulls out behind us. This made me a little nervous, so I decided not to go home, just see what this guy had in mind. So I headed for Chapel Hill, planning to go to my Dad's office. Bad news was this man turned after us on to Jones Ferry, not a mile from our house. If he truly had wanted to go this way to town from where he was sitting at our house he would have taken the straight shot down Jones Ferry and not the four mile round-about loop that had brought us back to square one. I was a little uneasy, to say the least, at this point so put some Shane and Shane in the CD player and took off down the road while trying to call my Dad. Dad's response? "Come straight to my office, don't go home. I'll follow you guys home to check things out and then you guys need to find something to do away from the house for the rest of the afternoon." What an adventure! Anyways, everything seemed alright, but that's just for now.....I'll keep you guys up to date on anymore happenings around here.....

Really, really hope that I'll be able to sleep tonight.

I'll see you kids later and don't forget to lock your doors.....

Sunday, December 11, 2005

"Fact is, Nikki doesn't want to be in a relationship with someone who's immature and I don't want to be in a relationship with someone who's not Nikki"
-Saving Grace (Great movie...what a sweet line)
Americans have reached a new all time low ! Click here

Poem time!

I took a walk a winter day
I passed houses and their grounds
The saddest thing 'long my way
wrapped these houses 'round

T'was unused porches that made me frown
Stale, alone and old
Desolate as the chilling sky
no warmth to offer from the cold

Like a holiday tree, decorated
but shepherding no gifts
all of these unhappy porches
came certainly well-equipped

All the right chairs, in all the right colors
pushed against opposite walls
Grills in a range of choices
and bright, painted railings

Occasionally, a table resides
the focal point, to be sure
telling an elusioned audience
tales of long past summers

Steaks were grilled, laughter shared
sunsets watched in awe
But now the wind has driven us back
and the cold keeps us at bay
I trundle on, unaware
of a warmer, more useful day.

Christmas is coming. Baby Jesus is going to be born!

Pray for me kids, I've been smashing my fingers in doors...

Sunday, November 27, 2005

"We all need a way to fall down"

Well, kids. After our holiday traipsing across the country, I like nothing better than my own bed. Which I can finally have now, as all family, extended and otherwise, has departed.
Thanksgiving was a wagon-load of fun. We drove up to Charlotte to visit one family of cousins (one family containing seven cousins) always a good time with them. Since there is nine of them in one family, they have one of those big 15-seater vans so we all piled in and headed out to the frisbee golf course. I have never played before, much less learned to throw a frisbee properly so it was an interesting first experience. I believe we have one somewhere around here on UNC..I'll have to check that out. Anyways, it was fun, and after much original trailblazing and two tie-breakers, Cousin Emily, Cousin Adam and I were indeed victorious. Dinner was yummy and football game afterwards as well. After coming home that night, we drove up to Virginia for the weekend to visit more family...blah, blah, blah....Very tired. It felt a wee bit like Christmas, even helped my grandparents put up their fake tree (I hate fake trees). In fact, I realized that this year is the first time, in a long time, that I've been really excited about Christmas time. I love Christmas time!
Anyways....check out the pics on flickr and more coming later, maybe.
Hey, guess what...I taught math class is harder than it looks.....not math, but teaching. Some people just don't shut up....

And now, Lord, for what do I wait?
My hope is in You.
Psalm 39:7